Welcome to Fantasy Island

Some of my most vivid childhood memories are from visits to Lincolnshire’s seaside towns. The concrete utilitarian architecture contrarily dedicated to having ‘fun’ and designed to mug the innocent; the garish colours, paraphernalia, saucy humour, tawdriness and smells of seaside holidays; the sun, sand and perishing coldness of the North Sea, which was oddly brown.

55 Year Old Selfie - Mablethorpe

It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure this is the exact spot in Mablethorpe where my father took the original. The elephant was bright pink and it was sunny, wasn’t it always!

The fortunes of British seaside resorts have waxed and waned over the years, particularly in Lincolnshire. In a new twist, it doesn’t stretch the post-brexit imagination too far to speculate that fantasy island may be welcoming a larger number of staycationers in the near future…

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