Welcome to Fantasy Island


23rd November 2019 to the 12th January 2020 

I have an exhibition over the Christmas period at the Collection in Lincoln. Please pop in and have a look.

Buy the book/s at the gallery or online here – great Christmas presents (hint hint!).

This ‘social landscape’ photography project (for want of a better phrase) covers the length of the Lincolnshire coast. It is a spin off project from my larger photography odyssey Jerusalem.

Lincolnshire’s seaside resorts probably take up the major length of its coastline, the rest being heavy industry, docks, wildlife reserves, RAF bombing ranges and of-course vast empty beaches. I have a particular affinity with the Lincolnshire seaside towns having visited them constantly throughout my life.

55 Year Old Selfie - Mablethorpe

It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure this is the exact spot in Mablethorpe where my father took the original. The elephant was bright pink and it was sunny, wasn’t it always!

Quite a lot of photographers have documented the seaside (Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones etc) but, they have mainly concentrated on people and sociological aspects. Rather than the voyeuristic (I know, all photographers are voyeurs) and class observations, I have always been more fascinated by the oddly utilitarian architecture dedicated to ‘fun’ and designed to mug the innocent. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of the garish colours, paraphernalia, humour, and smells of seaside holidays. The sun, sand and perishing coldness of the North Sea, which was brown, I never saw blue sea until I visited Cornwall in my twenties.

Of course as is my wont, the title ‘Fantasy Island’ is a reference to brexit so, expect the usual juvenile references here and there ;-)