Beach Hut Festival

” one of the highlights of the Lincolnshire calendar” 
Lincs Coast website

Featured in the Lincolnshire Echo and on the Lincolnshire Live website. Featured on tourist websites and the Visit Lincs Coast website.

“The Beach Hut Festival will feature over 50 Beach Huts , Market Stalls and stands packed with quality gifts and crafts with”
Sutton-on Sea Facebook

… blah blah blah. The much anticipated Sutton-on-Sea Beach Hut Festival is  here at last.

Reality check. ONE beach hut and what amounted to a poor Sunday market type affair with a some music. Hats off to the intrepid steam punks who enthusiastically decorated their hut with much panache. Unfortunately, it was the only one the local Mayor and his wife could visit. Ah well, there’s always another year!

Steam punk beach hut
Steam punk beach hut

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