Picture a pristine beach with a bag of dog crap on it. Two walkers pass by on their way back to the car. One says to the other “look at that, it’s disgusting”, the other says “what are people like?”. What annoyed me the most was the fact that they just walked past it and condemned someone else for leaving it. Why didn’t they get a stick and take it away to the doodoo bin at the car park? They are no better than the person who left it there in the first place. Perhaps the ofender left it by the entrance so that they did not have to carry it around the beach, with the intention of picking it up on the way back. Maybe some kind soul would do it for them. People who do nothing – what are they like?




Millions of years ago, this was how  the chalk deposits of Lincolnshire were built up. In a million years time when geologists examine the stratum of the Anthropocene age, will they identify it by the layers of plastic? I sometimes feel our age will be the shortest if we don’t get our act together – see this article in Grauniad.

In case you were wondering – I did remove the doodoo!

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